Ideas For Marketing Your Apartments

Ideas For Marketing Your Apartments

If you need some ideas to market your apartment, here are a few to try. There are three main ways for advertising apartments. The first is a personal network, word of mouth is always a great way to start marketing on a low budget.  Another idea that you may be able to try is putting together a binder with all the information about your apartments and give it away. Potential clients would more likely throw a brochure away then a binder.

Your binder could include tabs and pictures. For example, maybe the first tab could have pictures and information about your location and what is near and any transportation facilities you might have in or near the complex. Then the second tab could have prices and rules of the apartment complex. The third tab could be a layout or floor plan of what your apartments have. Then you could continue from there. Another option that you could try is to have a flyer with a theme like summer or pets or any theme that fits your apartment. On that flyer put some eye-popping pictures and maybe an offer of a discount on the first month’s rent or coupons or anything of that sort.

The third idea is to have you and your employees be in a contest. You could use leasing goals or curb appeals or accounting issues. Whichever issue you have with sales, you and your employees can have competition. The employee that wins could get a gift card to dinner or a movie and maybe even coupons for a special place. Employees just need respect and motivation and that will help your sales double.

Another of the effective apartment marketing ideas is Local advertising. You could use the above idea of the themes with this category also. You could put an ad in your local paper or magazine or stop by businesses and put your business card or a flyer on their advertising board. Local advertising is often the most effective way of attracting more business.

The next category is digital advertising. The best way for digital advertising would be social media. Have people like and share a post for a gift or whatever your idea would be. You could also advertise on places like “Craigslist” or any of those internet marketing site. Most of the marketing places online are free, but you have to read the fine print to be sure they are free.

There are many creative ways to market apartment rentals. You just need a creative mind and effective persuasive skills. To receive tenants, you have to talk to them and listen to what they are looking for and what their reason is for finding a new apartment. Communication is key in the marketing business. It is up to you from here, just think out of the box, be creative, motivate your employees and have a little faith.