Mugsy’s: A Neighborhood Bar for an Unknown Neighborhood

Don’t miss Mugsy’s Bar on the corner of Leetsdale and Mississippi.

I have known quite a few people who have lived in the apartment/townhome/gated community megaplex formerly known as the Breakers, which was recently rebranded under new management to a name somehow even more ridiculous and more reminiscent of a Florida resort: TAVA Waters. Just beyond the perimeter of the sprawling property, in the little-known Windsor neighborhood, Mugsy’s Bar (7950 East Mississippi Avenue) serves cheap drinks to neighbors from Windsor and those who choose to venture outside the TAVA Waters enclave.

The bunker-like concrete building that Mugsy’s calls home takes up the prime corner strip-mall real estate alongside a pawn shop, Russian market, liquor store and a few other small businesses. The bar has been in existence in some form, off and on, since the 1970s, and was once called City Limits because of the location right near the border of Denver, Aurora, and unincorporated Arapahoe County (Mugsy’s technically lies in this no-man’s land that’s not Denver County but still maintains a Denver mailing address).

A couple of friends and I arrived to take in the scene at Mugsy’s on a Monday night, following a recommendation from some folks we met down the road at Sam’s Bar and Lounge. We grabbed a few seats at the mostly full bar and were greeted by Laura, our fun, approachable bartender. She filled us in on the specials, namely that every Monday is Ladies Night, so all Svedka flavored vodkas were $3. Clementine vodka sounded like a good idea, but Laura was sad to point out that there wasn’t a whole shot left in the bottle. But there was enough vanilla vodka to approximate a Creamsicle flavor, which was an even better idea. Problem solved.

The pool table awaits at Mugsy’s.
This business card featuring a dog in a fedora under the pink glow of neon lights is a pretty good representation of the general vibe of Mugsy’s.

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