Teacher Walkout: Denver Public Schools Early Release April 27

DENVER, CO — About 10,000 Colorado teachers are expected to participate in day-long demonstrations Friday, April 27 to urge Colorado lawmakers to spend more money on education. Some will lobby legislators, some will participate in a "grade-in" to highlight work done outside the school day. The action is being organized by the Colorado Education Association.

In Denver, DPS has announced that schools controlled by DPS will participate in an "early release" on Friday, so teachers can attend the rallies.

"Innovation schools can opt out of the early release schedule and decide to operate on a normal schedule," DPS said on the district’s website. "The planned early release will not impact student meals. We are committed to feeding every child, every day, so bagged lunches will be available for every student on April 27."

A Denver parents education group has started an online donation site for DPS teachers who want to attend the events, but don’t have any personal time to take a half-day.

Image via GoFundMe

"Approximately 500 DPS teachers don’t have any more personal leave available to use, and would have to take the half-day as unpaid time," said Scott Baldermann, posting on a GoFundMe site for Denver Parents for Public Education. The group is trying to raise $50,000 to subsidize teachers, who would lose $100 in salary and benefits by taking the day off.

"In Colorado, the state funds education at an average of $2,500 per student less than the national average. That is short-sighted and wrong," DPS posted on their website. "Our state needs to dramatically increase our investment in education, and all of our voices play a vital role in this effort."

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