Why Denver Colorado Want To Be The Next Place That You Visit On A Vacation

So many different places in Denver are beautiful to visit. Some of them are within the city, whereas others are in the surrounding parks that you can hike through. It is called the mile high city because it is actually 5280 feet in elevation, the exact number of feet in a mile. Some of the attractions in the city are going to astound you, and traveling outside of the city, you can do a lot of rockclimbing and hiking. There are also rivers were you can do kayaking, and really get to experience the Rocky Mountains in this area.

Places To Go In The City Of Denver

Two places that you should visit right away when you get to Denver is the Denver Botanic Garden and Coors Field. If you like nature, but you really don’t want to head out into the wilderness, this botanic Garden is the best place to start. If you are a fan of baseball, this is a beautiful stadium. You might be able to catch a game while you are there. In addition to all of this, there are other museums, concerts, shows and landmarks that you will be able to see within the city limits.

Places To Go Outside Of Denver

Right outside of Denver is beautiful Mount Evans, a beautiful mountain that you can hike around door even up the side. You can also take tours of the Rocky Mountains where you can do a little rockclimbing, or you can do hiking in remote areas that they will drive you to which are outstanding. One of the best things to do are this sunrise and sunset hiking tours. You really get to see some of the most beautiful aspects of the natural surrounding areas. These tours will take you to see some of the best scenic vistas. This is all possible once you get to Denver.