Why I Moved to Denver

Like many people, I had to make a move in my life and it was a big one. I had lived on the East coast for the majority of my life but circumstances caused me to move across the country. I had my choice of any part of the Western half of the country but I settled in Denver, CO. Here’s why I made that choice.

First of all, I have asthma, so I was looking for a location where I could breathe easier. I had always struggled with this problem in the east because of the high humidity and the location. When I was on vacation to the mountains, however, I noticed that I could breathe much easier. It turns out that it was the thinner air at the higher elevation that was allowing me to experience that benefit. Now that I live near Denver, I breathe a lot better.

I also wanted to live in a part of the country that gave me a lot of chance to get out and enjoy life. Of course, this could be done in any area, but Denver is rather unique. It provides the city environment for when that is needed, such as when I have to go shopping or if I want to go out for the evening. It also provided an easy way to get to some of the most beautiful mountains that I have ever seen in my life, and I take advantage of them quite often.

Those are just two of the reasons why I call Denver home. It has really been a good move, both for me and for my family. If I were to recommend that people move anywhere, this would be at the top of my list. It has anything that life can offer.