Why Traveling to the State of Colorado Will Be Fun

When you think of Colorado, you more than likely think of the city of Denver. You are also thinking about images of the Rocky Mountains. All of these things are available in the state of Colorado, but there are specific places that you can go which are astounding. There are geologic formations which are amazing, and places that you can go hiking, giving you the essence of the Rockies if you haven’t been to Colorado before, there are places that you can go that will get you outside so that you can go hiking into these beautiful mountains.

Garden of the Gods

This is an aptly named park that has incredible geologic formations which literally look like the gods have stacked rocks on top of one another. It is the result of glacier movement from over 10,000 years ago, as a result of the and of the last Ice Age. Once you get to hike in this region, you will be astounded by how incredibly large these boulders are. You can then go on the hikes that are available which will include some of the following.

Places That You Can Go Hiking

If you only get to go hiking on one particular trail, it’s going to be the Trail Ridge Road. This is part of the of the Rocky Mountain National Park, and you will get to see some of the most incredible scenery, especially now since it is snowing on a regular basis. The best time travel is during the summer time for either of these places. You will get to experience the fresh mountain air. If you can book your trip early, you can get excellent rates on hotels and flights into CO where you can stay and have an exciting time in the great outdoors.